How to become a movie hairstylist?

Become a movie hair stylistHaircuts and makeup surely are one of the most important parts of the filmmaking process behind any of the movie that is in the making. In most cases, the role of a makeup artist is always hidden, but it is not like that in the real.

Even in the scenes that do not require the actors to be painted like aliens or transformed into something else the film hairstylist and makeup artists helps the director to tell the kind of story that particular actor or role is meant to portray to the viewers.

This can easily give a hand to the cinematographers for Turing their visions into reality.

How to begin a movie hairstylist career?

It is obvious that before you start to earn the salary of a film hairstylist, you need to have the proper skill set for sure. There are certain differences in the paths of a hair stylist and a makeup artist when they go for their own specialization, but for the beginning, both of them have to follow the similar footsteps.

If you are a person, who wants their bets hairstylist Oscar winning a dream come true you need to pay attention towards the below-mentioned points.

Attend the cosmetology school

Work behind a salon chairIt surely is not a compulsory requirement if you want to become a television hairstyle artists, but it sort of eases your path while moving to find work. Even though it is not required still a huge number of makeup and hair artists happen to go for this extra step in order to gain the knowledge and wisdom that they can easily get.

There a number of tutorials present on the internet, to begin with, but of course there is nothing as compared to the professional course provided by any of the cosmetology schools.

To call yourself a good hairstylist for a movie you have to know the technics of at least 10-15 modern haircuts such as:

  • Pixie cuts
  • Bob hairstyles
  • Hairstyles depending on hair type and face shape

Work behind a salon chair

Film hairstylistA huge number of movie hair stylists have won their jobs after working behind the salon chair for a long period of time. Other than providing you some extra pocket money between the shoots, this will also help you gain experience for working on the real hair along with the customers who will have certain opinions regarding your work.

This will help you out later when you will have the demands of a director to fulfill.

It surely is the first step to get some kind of experience if you wish to be a hair stylist for movies.

Build a good portfolio

You need to keep in mind that your portfolio is the only source that will reflect your work and will work as your calling card for sure. That is why you need to work too hard on preparing a great portfolio for sure. The film credits and resume of yours is only a way to stay in connection, but your portfolio is the only way someone can decide that you might actually be able to do the job.

You need to keep in mind that the portfolio should grab someone’s attention immediately and must not be too long.